dealstwinings earl grey decaffeinated tea, k-cup for…


Looks like the price is now 14.00. No longer much of a deal.


The link I initially used shows $6.83 for me, in the Warehouse Deals section. When I click the link, it still brings me to the $6.83 page, when it feels like it, a few times I clicked and it showed the $14.40 price. Amazon's links are sometimes quirky.

Click on the 4 NEW in the MORE BUYING CHOICES section to find the listed deal. It should work...if not, post and I'll expire this thread.


Right you are...just ordered 5 boxes @ 34. Apologies for the negative vote. They won't let me take it back. We see far too few K-cup deals on here so this is much appreciated.


Officially expired; price no longer available.