dealssave 75% on crysis on steam (pc download) 7.49…


These games are totally awesome, but are system hogs. Make sure you can run it. Here's a site that will test you computer. If you can run it though you should definitely buy it. You have this suit that gives you powers. Definitely enjoyed myself some Predator-style action of going invisible through the jungle and then appearing to F!@# S!@# Up!


I'm a Steam junkie, especially when it comes to games that had been saddled with DRM in their retail versions. Normally, the Steam platform is enough copy protection for developers/distributors such that they omit the retail DRM software from the Steam versions of their games. For some reason, this is not the case with Crysis. I'm tempted every time this 75% off deal shows up (3-4 times a year, I believe), but the "SecuROM™ 5 machine activation limit" always turns me off to the idea. Sure, I'll probably never use 5 activations, but this still rubs me the wrong way. Steam games don't come with installation discs, and they can never be resold since they are permanently tied to the purchasers Steam account. So why add DRM and activation limits?


By the way, Crysis IS an awesome game. I just don't get why it still has the DRM ball and chain even through Steam distribution and even four years after its release.