deals70% off $50 gift certificates for…


Not a bad deal, but watch the fine print on some of these. You have to spend X amount of money for the offer to be valid.


the discount will go down as the month gets closer to an end, it will be %90 off in another week or two, if your getting only 70% off you paying too much for these in my opinion


I bought about 4 of these coupons back when they had the 90% off sale. And yes, please read the fine print before purchasing these. Also, I had to call some places to verify if these worked during the night club hours, you may have to do the same. Overall, these are pretty useful. Spend $50 at Xtreme Pizza (Excluding alcohol) and get $25 off!


I think I'm missing something here ... clicking the link, I only see $25 coupons for $10. Others seeing this, or doing something else to get the 70%?


@kennatom: When you purchase, use the code SWEET


a similar deal came out last week, and i was skeptical, but i bought about $100 of certificates for about $10. We used the first one last night at a restaurant in town, and got a good dinner at top place. Just know that:
1. You usually have to go on offnights (sun - thurs),
2. There is a min purchase required (for example, need to spend min of $35 with $25 certificate)
3. They will asses gratuity on full price (usually 18%)
4. Typically require 2 people at dinner min

If your not sure, just call restaurant, and verify before you buy...


I strongly suggest you verify with the restaurant before you buy. One time we walked into a restaurant that we bought one of these for and there were signs posted all over the walls saying that they don't accept the certificates. Another time we showed up to a restaurant only to find it didn't exist anymore.

However, if the restaurant truly does accept them, they are always a good deal.


I would like to sincerely suggest NOT purchasing this item!

Last week, a 100 dollar gift card was offered for 8 dollars. After researching the prices of certificates on, I took advantage of this offer.

I was well aware that all of the certificates had fine print and minimum spending ammounts - still, considering the prices shown at, this was a great deal.

Or so I thought.

The only way to redeem your certificate is to go to a DIFFERENT site than This site does not have the same prices. Instead of the normal 10 dollar price, a 25 dollar certificate is 25 dollars.

This is on par with Olive Garden providing a diner with a different, higher-priced menu upon learning that person intends to pay with a gift card.

This very morning I called to inquire and was told that my certificate was not really worth 100 dollars because I did not in fact pay 100 dollars for it. For those interested, I will continue in another post.


@cupajoe35: They do WHAT with your gratuity?!?


The customer service lady was very rude to me and had clearly been asked this question SEVERAL times. She had a form response and was sticking to it. When I asked to speak to a manager, I was told that would not be possible.

I emailed the company with my complaints and have not received a reply. I doubt very much that I will.

I am not the kind of person that complains frequently, but I felt totally deceived. i understand that fine print exists, but nowhere was it ever made clear to me that the gift card I was purchasing would not be redeemable at the site I was browsing. There are two different sites! and The idealmeal is the only way to pay using a gift card and its prices are MUCH higher than

Please realize that even in spite of the fine print you may understand and accept, this is still a deceitful and despicable scam.


@wootfast: They automatically charge you a certain percentage to the original total. This is done so that the wait staff gets tipped on the original price as opposed to the discounted price.

But that is not nearly the biggest hoax to this deal. See my other posts for a write-up of my recent awful experience.

I promise that I'm not a nut, I'm just a consumer that feels cheated and deceived.


@chameleon90: thank you!! :-) relatively new here, if you haven't guessed ;-)


@kennatom: Please understand that you will not be able to use your gift card and receive the 70 percent off deal. When you enter your certificate code, you will be redirected to a different site which only allows you to purchase the certificates at full price.

It is exactly the same if you buy 4 25 dollar certificates at 3 dollars a piece from the site. You will not be able to pay 12 dollars for the 100 dollar gift card and then buy dozens of discounted certificates.

This is a true deception of the consumer and they know it. Do the math: 25*4 = 100.

25 dollar certificates are on sale for 3 dollars.


Don't throw your money away!


Even with the bad experiences, I thought I'd give it a try. But the only restaurant in my area was "Fay's Catfish Connection", which by the photos appears to be someone's house where they serve diners in the dining room or living room.


@weslinder: Yeah, I'm a Chicago native, so there are hundreds of restaurants available. I literally spent hours narrowing down the new places I was going to try with my windfall certificate.

So unbelievably disappointed that this turned out to be a scam, but the old adage, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is" holds true.


I have used this site many many times and had all good experiences. I always read the fine print and not many restaurants in my area (Milwaukee) limitations. A few will add the gratuity on the total bill which I think is fair. I normally tip 20% anyway. Some will not allow the "specials" to count toward the total bill and some will exclude liquor. Very few limit you to Sun-Thurs also.

I have seen the gift certificates for sale but have never looked at those. I search the restaurants in our area and pick the ones I want to try or have been to before. The restaurant has to call in to verify the certificate and that is all. Like I said, no problems what so ever and I bought my first one 5 years ago. I have also never bought unless there was 80-90% off. This past weekend we used a $50 off on a $100 at Chances in Rochester. The waitress never put the tip on (and the service was horrible, but the food was EXCELLENT)


@mheflen: My complaints revolve around buying the certificate being sold on this site. You kind of help make my point when you say that you only buy the certificates when they are on a BIG sale because when you buy this certificate being sold, you are NOT eligible for the 80-90 percent discounts or any of the prices shown on

I'm sorry for the massive posts, and I hope I don't come off as sanctimonious or curmudgeonly. I just told the customer service department that I would spread the word about their deceitful practices and terrible customer service, so when I visited woot today and saw another certificate for sale, I felt I had to have my say.

vote-for1vote-against is not a scam, it's been around for awhile. I've never bought or needed to buy a Gift Certificate from them. Just search the restaurants they have in your zip code and it'll search for them by how ever many miles you choose away. I've used since atleast 2004 and have Zero problems. Again, I've never needed a gift card one. I assumed those were for people to get to give as gifts and the receiver could use how they want on the website, they just get to pick out their own places instead of you doing it. There are a few times a restaurant stopped taking the certificates, (not .com fault) I would contact them via email/link and I would receive a credit code valid to purchase another one.

It's pretty much like Groupon, just business' trying to get you to try their stuff. That's not new, and not a scan. You may want to stay away from the Gift Cards if you don't understand them. Stick with the specific places.


@rad rick: Another person saying they've never had a problem...and another person who never bought the product advertised for which we're leaving comments. My problem is with the gift card. The gift card is a 100 percent scam in that you are being deceived. You are not getting what you think you are getting for your money.

If you go to as you suggested, you will find all kinds of very reasonable prices for restaurant gift certificates. However, if you intend on using the gift card PURCHASED ABOVE to buy those certificates, you will be very sorely disappointed. The prices are different.

I'm not trying to insult anyone who like I am trying to inform those of you on the fence that buying this gift card is a colossal waste of your money. Most people who see this ad immediately go to to see what they offer. But you can NOT buy the certificates offered on with this gift card. It's misleading, and to me, that = a scam.


@rad rick: Also, I use Groupon and many other sites that are similar. I am always very familiar with the caveats and fine prints of coupons.

That being said, there was plenty about the gift cards that I didn't understand because that was the company's intention. I spent hours looking up restaurants on the site while I waited for my gift card to arrive only to find that he prices advertised CHANGE when you use the gift card. If people are ok with that, more power to them. I, for one don't think it's acceptable and I hope that some others feel the same and decide to try another place.

I've worked in advertising for quite some time and I can tell you that intentionally deceiving consumers is pretty much the definition of a scam.

See for yourself by comparing the prices on the and The idealmeal has MUCH HIGHER PRICES and is the site that you must use the gift card for. That doesn't strike anyone as strange or misleading?



"How do I use/redeem a Gift Card? It’s very simple! Visit to choose a specific restaurant from among thousands of restaurants nationwide. Once you select a restaurant, access a Restaurant Gift Certificate for that specific restaurant, take it to the restaurant to get the discount!

Please Note: that all Gift Cards must be redeemed online prior to using at a restaurant."


I use all of the time. I have purchased both certificates for specific restaurants and gift certificates for the site, where the recipient chooses the restaurant they would like to go to.

The 70% off is for the original purchase of the certificate. In the case of a specific restaurant, you would pay $3 (70% off) for a $25 certificate. Usually you need to spend $35 to get the $25 off. Take the $35 + $3 - $25 : you are getting a $35 meal for $13. Not bad in my book. For those complaining about the 18% gratuity, you just got a $35 meal for $13. Really how cheep are you?

The reason why you do not get the discount (70%) when you redeem a gift certificate is that the person who bought the gift certificate for you got the reduction in price at the time of the original purchase. Again, stop complaining, you are still getting a discount on your meal and someone must care about you as they gave you the gift in the first place.


"The only way to redeem your certificate is to go to a DIFFERENT site than This site does not have the same prices. Instead of the normal 10 dollar price, a 25 dollar certificate is 25 dollars. "

Wait, so if you pay $3 for a $25 gift certificate which is redeemable at the other site (, shouldn't you expect to pay $25 for a $25 coupon since you /already/ got the discount on the initial gift certificate over at

I've used twice now and bought coupons for specific restaurants. I found the $10 ones not to be worth it, since they'd have a $20 minimum, and at that rate you usually need two people, and if you've got two people you can always splurge on a $35 meal and pay roughly the same amount of money after coupons. Anyway, both places I went to were pretty good food, and it was nice getting a soup, three entrees, and desert for the price of two entrees. I do wonder if they gave smaller portions, though.


@bhouliha Maybe I'm misunderstanding. I'm Googling but no one has said anything about being required to buy another more expensive certificate after purchasing.

The best I can guess is that you purchased a gift certificate to itself? From the terms:

“Restaurant-Specific Gift Certificates” (also referred to as Restaurant Gift Certificates”) – Refers to Restaurant-specific certificates that can be accessed or printed and then redeemed to obtain a reduction in the price of a meal at the restaurant identified on such certificate Gift Certificates” and “ Gift Cards” – Refers to store credit certificates or gift cards offered by the Website that entitle the holder to redeem the face value of the certificate for an equivalent face value amount at any designated website, such as, for any Restaurant-Specific Gift Certificate or Merchant Certificates offered at the time of redemption at that website


@wootfast: someone already explained, but typically the restaurant will add a tip for you based on the original price of the dinner, typically 18%. When you check comes, it will have have the total amount + tip (based on total) - gift certificate.

I have only tried this once, and had a good experience. But in reading many of the other posts, there seem valid concerns. My advice... call the restaurant before you buy and understand the fine print.


@bhouliha is very confused. isn't a scam. It sounds like maybe they thought they were buying a gift certificate FOR, instead of buying a discounted gift certificate to a restaurant being offered BY


Also, whenever I've had an issue with a gift certificate, has always been very flexible in offering me a refund (in the form of a website credit) to another restaurant.


I use this site 2-3 times per week. I have never been scammed, never been asked to make an additional purchase, etc. It is worth it to wait until the sale is 80-90% off!

ps, the Sushi places always sell out fast. Wait until the 1st of the month to snag some :)


This "deal" should be banned from posting, they have the exact same deal nearly once a week. You are also not purchasing a gift certificate, its more of a coupon.


BBB processed a total of 355 complaints about in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 355 complaints closed in 36 months, 129 were closed in the last year.


Buyer Beware. I made 1 purchase of 10 gift certificates, totaling $50.00. On unemployment, it seemed like a good idea for Christmas gifts at a very reasonable price. I received an email immediately confirming my (1) purchase. Checked my debit card a couple of days later and find that I have been charged twice for the transaction. I called customer service, no help there. Emailed twice and still no response.


@bhouliha: I have purchased gift certificates many times--I actually PREFER them to having to pick a restaurant right away. I usually purchase them at a discount ($1-$2 for a $25 certificate) and then redeem them @ when I'm feeling an impromptu night out. IT IS NOT A SCAM--They just are preventing you from double dipping. If you spend $2 for a $25 gift certificate, do you really expect them to allow you to redeem that on other $25 certificates for $10? You would be receiving discounts on discounts.. Essentially, you are receiving the same discount as purchasing a certificate directly through the restaurant you wanted in the beginning (e.g., $2 for $25). The only difference is the timing in your selection..


i'm confused with these comments.

if i buy four $10 certificates at 5 bucks each. I should be paying $20 for $40 at the resteraunt.

I enter the code and now its $6 for 40 at the resteraunt.

assuming i follow the fine print (min. price, etc.) is there a scam here or is it legit?


@maverick110487: It's legit. Just follow the rules and you'll be fine. The majority of complaints about it being a scam came from bhouliha, who seems to have been misunderstanding how the gift certificates for work.