deals1,000 bandages - assorted sizes for $8.99


$8.99 + $3.99 s/h = $12.99. Still a good deal. That is a $1.30 per box of 100.


Ironic that this is being featured on "7deadlydeals".


Still working my way through the 240 band-aids I picked up earlier this year on Kids Woot. Hopefully those will last me a while.


@dcdjason: VERY GOOD POINT. Bandaids are something you need but hope you never have to use it because that means someone got hurt.


Damn! I just bought a box of Angry Birds Space band-aids.


Awesome! Almost picked some up at the store the other know, just to have "in case" or whatever...decided against it -- glad I did now!


idk, I think 1000 might not be enough for me…

A project that was originally going to be just replacing the decking and pool liner is now in month 2 after I found out that a) who ever built the deck was an idiot and knew nothing about structural integrity and b) pool liners suck (plus I decided to run electrical and speaker wire out to it which added more conduit n stuff) I think I’ve already gone over 1000 from cutting up my hands…

Stupid ass project; all I wanted was a nice place to drink my beer


Quick word of warning: The shelf life of untreated bandages is less than 3 years, significantly less if it includes ointment. It's a good deal nonetheless, but not exactly a lifetime supply unless you plan on dying soon.


Does anyone know anything about this website? Googling it didn't provide much help. Those paracord bracelets are pretty cheap as well, and I'm thinking about getting them.


The perfect remedy for those threatened by death from a thousand cuts.