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They also serve as a great self-defense tool.

Sam: Why do you consider me your enemy?
Redford: Because your girlfriend stabbed me in the back with lefty scissors.
Sam: She's my wife now.


The reviews on Amazon say these scissors have a left-handed handle, but the blades are right-handed. A true left-handed scissors has the blades reversed so you can see where the blades are while you're cutting.


@lunalion: You can find the real ones at Ned Flanders' Leftorium,


@lunalion: See what you're cutting? I'm a lefty, and it's seemed to me since I was a child that the motion of your hand on right-handed scissors pushes the two blades AWAY from each other, rather than applying pressure to the blades. Its easiest to see with cheap scissors with a loose pivot, I don't have a hope using cheap righty scissors, but tight/sharp ones I do ok.

From wikipedia:
"For right-handed scissors held in the right hand, the thumb blade is further from the user's body, so that the natural tendency of the right hand is to force the cutting blades together."

If you're a lefty, find some good lefty scissors and you'll be amazed at what you've been missing your whole life. BTW - the same goes for your damn righty potato peelers :)


@baronz: One of the ads on the amazon page goes to showing true lefty scissors, which have the thumb driven blade on the right side.
The pictures on the amazon page are little help - they depict a right handed pair anyway