deals3 ice tube makers – put ice in your water bottle…


These are a buck apiece at the dolla tree


Not quite sure, but I think the ones at dollar tree may be one-piece trays. (no top)


Maybe I'm old fashioned, but couldn't you just partially fill the bottle and lie it down in the freezer? Then, after the water freezes to ice, put in your beverage?

It's a solution in search of a problem.

Just saying...


I won't downvote, since you couldn't have known, but I had these and they were something of a disappointment. the sticks were much smaller than you'd think. I wound up using an entire tray for one bottle of water.


You can use it to chill the water in a bong too.


I have about a 1/2 dozen 1/2 -3/4 filled bottles in my freezer all the time.
I did see these (or something very similar) at Dollar Tree and they are so small that they wouldn't last long at all to keep a drink cold. A bottle that's 3/4 ice will give you good cold water for hours as it melts or keep added water cold over several hours too. I always had one with me on Saturday morning garage sale excursions : )


Sometimes I toss these ice bullets in my balloon knot after eating Mexican food.