dealsgap 40% off coupon


apparently i am not a "select customer". down-voted...


@kaveman212c: try cleaning out your cookies a few times and try again. And, thanks for the down vote - greatly appreciated!


Weird. After it rejected me for not being a "select customer", I tried to apply a different code, which it told me it couldn't apply b/c it conflicted w/ the code I already applied. Then GAPLOVE worked, for 40%. Don't know if that will work for all, but that's my trick. Un-downvote + Upvote.


@ctrlaltdefeat: Yea i should have been more specific in the original post - it is all based on cookies - wierd. Thanks for the upvote


Here's how it worked for me:
Add one item to your shopping cart.
Log in (I already had an acct).
Enter promo code GAPLOVE & the state you're shipping to. (It will say you can't use the code.)
Clear cookies.

When the page refreshes, it will have the save 40% GAPLOVE banner at the top.

YEA! Thanks for posting!


@insertgenericname: thanks for the description for others having trouble!