deals$10 off orders of $40 or more


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This all my town has. They are way better than the warehouse type hardware stores


ACE is the place! Just checked out our new ACE store in OH and was impressed. Also, they had the best price and features for a Miter Tool Stand, even prior to the $10 off. And they have free shipping to the store. Will make sure to do price compare to the big box stores when I go there to pick up my shipment. One other thing was that the store was bright and cheery, unlike the old ACE and Zettler hardware stores. ACE is here to win!


Scotts Turf Builder Plus 2 at ACE is $69 for the large bag. Lowes and Home Depot it's $47. $22 difference. I like ACE but I can't pay their outrageous prices.


Love supporting my local stores but JEEZ - Red hot deal on 85 Hefty Trash Bags is $39.96..... Sam's same thing for $16.68? Heck I'd pay 25% more but almost 250% more is not really in my budget. Sorry Ace. :((


I like the deal but I hate how they sell a lot of their stuff in bulk. Who needs to buy 5 rakes for their yard, anyway?


@ddfossett: Your math teacher must be very proud.


I hate when I get blue Ball jars.


I've been shopping around for a fire screen and this tax day deal works for me! Thanks Ace :)


@ddfossett: It says a pack of 4, so I would imagine that means 4 boxes of 85 bags for 39.96. In that case it's a pretty good deal.