dealssaturn-x remote controlled helicopter for $9.99


shipping is 5 bucks each, even if you order more than one

this is 2 channel, which according to the page is up/down and left/right

You need 3 channel if you want to go forward.

Still, this seems like a good deal. Got 2 for coworkers kiddos.


On 2 channel copters, the copter flies forward constantly. You can't hover.


these work pretty well, better than the older ones. Very stable and easy to control


@skoffer: thank you for the clarification


The IR remote is terrible, spend a little more and get one with radio control, you'll be glad you did. IR remote is useless on a bright sunny day or even at distances little more than across a room.



@choppercharles: Simply do to size and weight it should probably be used indoors anyway. If at all.

You can get the Syma S107 for 20-25 bucks shipped sometimes if you catch it on sale. Just watch out for fakes. These are 3 channel and in my opinion pretty decent for the price. I picked one up on amazon with super saver shipping for ~$21 about a month ago.


I ordered this. I was sent an email saying it had been shipped 12/11/12. Today is the 12/18/12 and I haven't seen it yet. The tracking number says it hasn't been picked up yet....????


I bought the Saturn-X 2-Channel RC Helicopter w/ Gyro, LED Lights, Durable Metal Body & Remote with Built-In Charger. Which hasn't flown since I bought it. I searched every where for trouble shooting ideas but as of now I'm still GROUNDED.


@kimberchi: I have the exact same problem... the bottom propeller doesn't spin and the thing just spins on the ground and doesn't fly