dealsdewalt 18-volt 1/2" cordless compact drill/driver…


When I was a plumber I loved using my Dewalt drill. My favorite piece of equipment. Took a real beating I tell ya. I would still get it from lowes, even with the sales tax it's a better deal than ebay because you can walk right into a lows if you have any trouble no questions.


I just bought the same drill but lithium ion. It is a really nice drill and worth the bit extra if you have projects that take up entire days or weekends. The batteries charge to full in like 10 minutes. I'm putting up a fence in a couple of weeks and the extra $60 I spent is worth not having to worry about taking a break while I wait on my batteries to charge. It's overkill but since I needed a new drill, there wasn't really a reason not to get a lithium ion one.

I believe all of Dwalts drills come with a 3 year warranty on the product but like Juliank24 said, buy it at a local company and spend $5 more. If something happens to it, they'll more than likely swap it out so you don't have to wait 2 weeks to get a new one sent to you.


Outstanding price for Lowes, but this is $99.00 on Amazon.

The picture doesn't show the case (not sure why because it did when I bought a few weeks ago), but mine came with a case and details still mention its included.


I just spoke with customer service at Lowes corporate, they say they will price match (plus 10% off I believe) with online sellers such as amazon as long as it is a NEW item and identical. I'd rather buy local, so I can return local if needed.


I compared these older Dewalt Nicad batteries against the ones with the newer Lithium batteries, and I would not invest in this older technology. Lithium sounds better in many ways, especially higher power output, much shorter charge time, lighter weight, no memory effect, does not need periodic discharge and non-hazardous to the environment.


I also purchased the Lithium brushless drill and impacter set about 6 months ago. This is the best drill I have ever owned. If you just need a basic drill for random projects then this is a fine purchase. But if you can afford the LI drill you will be very happy you did. The battery lasts incredibly long and it has full power until the last drop, then it just stops, no winding down or slow speed. My drill has 3 speeds and the battery has an indicator to tell you how much life is left in it.