dealsharmony® one advanced universal remote…


Good price for a decent remote.


Okay, so I see the Logitech Harmony remotes around from time to time.

Can someone please tell me what makes this thing worth a C-note? It's not even new! Does it do my laundry &c?

I mean - it's just a FREAKING REMOTE CONTROL.



@rrussell: honestly, if you've only got a couple remotes to manage, it's probably not worth it. but, when you get like me and have 5-6 remotes to manage, this thing pays for itself in frustration level.

since things are grouped by activity, if you hit 'Watch TV', this turns on all the right components and sets them to all the right inputs.

it's also great for when you have guests. i can't imagine having my folks visit and having to explain 6 different remotes and all the different inputs on the tv and receiver.


It has an infinite database of devices you can control (updates via USB), program by ACTIVITY (Watch DVD) so that for all the activities you set up, you never need to switch remotes or modes or whatever... all the buttons you need are there. You can customize everything and it has a touchscreen LCD. I love mine.