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I have to agree with blood, anything written by Massad is amazing.


Gun locks are lame, get a safe, and inform your kids about proper gun safety. Keep loaded guns out of reach of children. Use some common sense!


These locks are useless without a trigger lock. Watch this guy pick the lock with 2 paperclips in under 2 minutes. Your kid may not be able to do it in 2 but if you're not home he/she doesn't have to.


@spleen1666: LOL! If your kid can pick a lock, they should be shooting competitively.


I'm not sure adding one's name to a database as a gun(s?) owner is a good move in today's political environment.


Spleen1666, I see no reason why a trigger lock would be any more secure, unless it's more secure than this 4-tumbler barrel lock. But a couple of points: 1) the second device did not look like a paper clip to me, it looked like a lock pick; 2) it took this guy - obviously skilled - a long time to get it open, so it's not a trivial task. Not a task most adults could accomplish, I suspect, without training. But there's no reason a determined kid would do any worse, I suppose.


If these locks are the same as they were a few years ago they're pathetic. My brother forgot the key to his one weekend when he came home to go hunting, so I gave it a try, and having never picked a lock before but understanding the concept I had it open in a few second with a paper clip. It pretty much opened itself once I moved the tumblers.


We had one that we lost the key for a few years ago, so I got my Klein Linemans Pliers, they cut through the cable pretty easy, don't think a kid has the hand-strength to do that.
For a curious kid, these serve as a deterrent, for a determined kid, you never know what they might come up with.


If this is the type I'm thinking of, these locks are actually really nice for locking stuff to my motorcycle (i.e. loop through the arm of the jacket and lock to the handlebars).

Not sure if you need to be a resident of that particular town to get one from a participating PD... my local PD isn't on the list but a neighboring department is...


A gun lock just ensures you don't chamber a round in time to stop an assailant. Not to mention, where there’s a lock, there’s a key. Last time I checked, most kids are rather proficient with keys.

If your kid does not know EXACTLY what to do when they see a gun lying around, then you are failing as a parent.

I agree with spleen. Get a safe with a combination lock.


@fd1smith: If you put a gun lock on your gun, then either let your kid know where the key is or leave it near the locked gun - You should buy him a shirt that says "I'm with stupid" - So leaving the gun in a safe will definitely give you enough time when the masked bandit breaks into your house to open it and chamber a round?

Where there's a safe there's a combination as well - just sayin.


I can't help but think that this is government related since they still want to know how many guns people have in their houses. A safe is still the best place to house weapons.


Some places require you to bring or purchase a gun lock when you buy a firearm. One of the auction centers near my home has such a policy. For such an occasion, it's good to have a cheap/free lock sitting around regardless of how well it actually works or whether you will use it when you get home.


You do not need a gun lock. You need some freaking education. Teach your kids about guns. Frankly, if you are going to have a loaded gun in the house for defense carry it on you. The bad guy isn't going to wait while you go get it.


"8-Year-Old Accidentally Exercises Second Amendment Rights"


In my case, having "x" (number of) firearm(s), and maintaining one of them readily available for personal protection at any particular time, I will need a total of "x-1" gun locks to keep my unavailable firearm(s) a bit safer, whether in a safe or on a high shelf behind the sweatshirts, scrub tops, and other stuff cluttering the downstairs closet.

I'm in for x-1, and will be calling the local gendarmarie to see if they have it/them for me.


@jeus: Gun locks are required with all gun purchases in California.