dealsi'm italian therefore i cannot keep calm, capeesh…


I'm ready for this slogan, and all variations, to die a slow horrible death.


In Heaven,
The chefs are French
The lovers are Italians
The police are British
The mechanics are Germans
And it's all run by the Swiss

In Hell,
The chefs are British
The lovers are Swiss
The police are German
The mechanics are French
And it's all run by Italians


Well at least they didn't spell it with a K.


@cavimike: You'd think you'd run spell check before putting something on a t-shirt.


If this said, "I'm Mexican therefore..." or "I'm black therefore..." it would never be offered.

But I guess it's OK to denigrate a white ethnicity.

I'm Italian and I'm offended by the stupidity of this garbage.


@nmpeter: I'm not Italian, but If I were you I would be more angry that my fellow Italians actually buy this garbage rather than the fact that its offered. For the record, I'm German and Scottish and I'm used to both of my heritages being made fun of incessantly.


I'm half Italian so I am only half offended. Seriously, I think it is funny. I tell some jokes about Italians that some people might consider offensive, but lighten up and have a sense of humor. None of us are making it out alive so learn to laugh and enjoy life while you can. Yes sometimes they go too far, but I do not see that here. YSHMV (Your Sense of Humor May Vary)