dealsnew 2012 barnett jackal crossbow red dot package


Question How do you even up vote this without knowing the most basic of information? Such as the price
Speaking of price, it's going for $249.00


Sleek military stock? What military is still using crossbows?


@scootergptx: Exactly, especially since the use of crossbows got banned by the pope.


@jimmyd103: Simple. Upvote because the idea of a crossbow is awesome.

Some deals get upvoted because they are cheap.
Some because the product is something that people really want.

This is neither of those.
It is not cheap.
Nobody really needs a crossbow. The idea of owning a crossbow rocks. The reality is that they are an expensive hobby. They are awkward and not as useful as a gun or a bow. It tries to be both, just doesn't work.

This only gets upvoted becuase crossbows are a bada** idea. It doesn't matter the price, since I am not buying it even if it were $100 lower in price.


Does Barnett make a cranking device for the 2012 Jackal? Theve have been out 2 years now , should have a crank that will work or a crank and an adapter? donchathink??