dealslicensed to ill - cd - the beastie boys for $4.99…


CD? Yet another reason why BB is going to go under, i will pay a buck or 2 more to download it to get it now.


Great CD! This is the price all CD's should be.


Who still doesn't own this album?


No "timetoget_ill" tag = no sale.
(If you don't have this album, you should probably buy it.)


...and for those of us who only have it on cassette...I might as well be my parents saying "record." Jeez.

FYI: 11.99 on iTunes, $9.99 on Amazon=why Amazon mp3's are better than Apple's...even if you're a total Mac person


And if you look at the license plate, or call letters or whatever they're called on the tail of the plane in a mirror, it says "eat me".


@agander1: I can't believe I never noticed that before...


one of the 100 albums everyone must own.

Still love CD's, people who trust their entire collection to "the cloud" or trust a service like itunes to always be accessible are kidding themselves. I just spent a few days on a road trip from Santa Cruz to Newport, Oregon, along the coast. More dead spots with no celphone OR data service than areas with coverage, and frankly it's weird not being able to access the web 24/7!


Save your money and put it toward Paul's Boutique

vote-for1vote-against's a little story I got to tell about three bad brothers you know so well...