dealsspiderman double pogo stick for $19.99


I had a pogo stick when I was a kid, loved that thing!


I got one of these for my son last time it was on sale, he used it 3 times and never played with it again!!


I had one of these as a kid,each time I used mine it made me hoppy.



Ya know it's funny, but they are one of those things that are a bit wasted on kids.
They work a lot better for grown ups.
I can remember as a kid, mine wouldn't compress enough to then release and get a proper 'hop' to it. Without the movement up and down, you can't balance properly and it becomes like trying to hop up and down on a broomstick or something. It's impossible...At least on the one I had. But as I got older...Different story.

In short, come the revolution, it will be a death penalty to not use one of these by all adults at all times.