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Interesting. Very interesting. :-/

The "Warning" is, too. "Warning: Do not use this product if you have a pacemaker or other internal medical device. This product is not intended for use by children under 10 years of age or pregnant women. Always consult your physician to determine what is most ideal for you."

Think I'll pass on this one. Even though I don't have a pacemaker, other internal medical device, am not under 10, nor pregnant. Or over 85 <---what's up w/that?

Might be a great buy for others, though. Would love to hear from someone who owns this.


@gmwhit: I got this scale a while back from Woot, and I'm pleased with it. I can't say how accurate the body fat% is, but that goes for all scales that measure body fat% this way (sends a short electric pulse through your legs which is why you'll be in trouble if you use this scale and you have a pace maker). The scale itself seems accurate weight wise- the doctor's scale said the exact same weight, so I'd say that's a good enough comparison. I like it because I can just jump on it real fast to get a weight reading or I can press the start button and go through the whole weight, body fat %, muscle %, calories needed, etc. and when you do it that way it actually shows you the statistics from your last weigh in, so that's kinda nifty. Tony Little will also talk to you if you press the start button and weigh yourself that way, but that is easily remedied by just switching the voice to "off" on the underside of the scale. You can also switch it to Spanish if you prefer things that way.


@kd1357: Ah! Thanks so much. Appreciate all the info. The accuracy is important. As is the ability to turn off Tony Little. ;-)


the accuracy of the one I got is a little... inconsistent. sometimes it'll say the same weight two times in a row, sometimes varying by as much as 8 lbs.

Good for a rough idea of weight, maybe.


putting a scale on sale on Thanksgiving? #@&!*^


I won't buy ANYTHING anymore from Homedics. Everything I have ever purchased from them turned out to be crap. They make great looking products at excellent prices, but the quality is awful. You really do get what you pay for with Homedics.