deals$20 off $60+ the entire site


when did they remove the voting from the sponsored deals main page..?? Another sign that woots gone corporate..The deals have been on the way down for a while now and now they are moving more away from the community and more about whats good for the sponsors.. How dare the community down-vote a sponsored deal? Woots taking its voting system and going home!


@alfredenigma: They removed the main page voting on sponsored deals about a month ago. Here's a lengthy discussion of the change:

Personally, it sucks. As you can see, few people bother to go into a deal to vote on it, and many who do vote give it an automatic downvote. Less than helpful.


I am one of those who automatically down-vote all sponsored deals since the change was implemented. I will continue to do so until the change is rescinded or I am barred from Woot.

Either way, to the person/people who decided to make the change...well you know what you can do... If you don't like what I am saying, tough you-know-what!


@jnissel: that just gave me're like Anonymous for woot.


@lotsofgoats: I'm not sure I understand why you said what you did. Do you disagree with me or what? Please explain.


@skotyman: I am obviously not anonymous :) but I understand what you are saying.

I realize what I am doing isn't going to change the minds at Woot/Amazon but that's one of the few ways I have available to protest what has been done to our beloved Woot.

It's real simple. Woot can change for the better, it can continue to change for the worse and accept my criticism or they can continue to change for the worse and delete my account if they don't want me to criticize them when I feel said criticism is warranted.

For what it's worth if my account is deleted from Woot I will close my Amazon account. While it may seem superficial to Amazon since they gain and lose customers every day I wonder if they really want to lose someone who has made almost 1,200 purchases from them since the start of 2010. I am not exaggerating in the least. I use Amazon not only for personal purchases but for many of my business purchases as well. If Amazon feels they don't want me it's their loss, not mine.


Are ThinkGeek promotions still exclusive from the 'free shipping on $XX+ purchases' offer? I will never buy from ThinkGeek as long as this is their policy.


@jnissel: i cannot understand why you think any of this would be constructive.


@pemberducky: Are you saying that I shouldn't complain about something I don't like because it's not constructive? If it's not constructive to complain than what do you suggest be done?

I'm not trying to be combative with you. I genuinely would like to know your thoughts on this.


@jnissel: i'm referring to the "downvoting as a means of protest."


@pemberducky: Okay, I understand what you are saying. You apparently feel I should really vote on the merits of the item/seller. I don't disagree with you. But if Woot/Amazon doesn't want negative votes to be seen on the main page they are telling us what we say doesn't count as much as the dollars they are raking in. It doesn't matter to them if the items are any good or not, they just want the bucks.

It's unfair that Woot/Amazon can pander to the advertisers by not allowing people to vote where everyone can see the results but they seems to think people like myself are being unfair by doing what we are doing. Their deception is much more unfair.


@jnissel: The old woot.....who cared about dead.


@skotyman said "The old woot.....who cared about dead":

I agree with you and so I ask; Why should I care about the current Woot?