dealsmetrokane mighty oj citrus juicer orange for $30…


@inkycatz: Ok! Thanks for clarifying, ma'am. :)


They're votes. People are free to vote as they wish. If people come in a thread and make attacks over an item that isn't true, or personally attacks the poster, sure, we can do stuff about that.

Calling people out, however, is just potentially starting drama that doesn't need to be happening.


@thunderthighs: Btw, this has happened before and was acted upon. This is indiscriminate downvoting and I don't even know who this person is (a former banned member?).

You already said, and I agreed, many times that the deals should be discussed and focused on the value, not the member (me). This is focused on the member (me) and it looks like it's even automated. @inkycatz @gatzby ?


@thunderthighs: @inkycatz said to contact the mods if I see stalking behavior, that's why I asked.


@lll0228: There's nothing I can do about votes. They're free to vote how they want.


@thunderthighs Another stalker. I don't think I have ever interacted with this member.