dealsm&m's giant fortune cookie for $28.50


For this price I would rather give, or receive, a personalized cake. Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate and I love cookies, but this thing would end up in the garbage after a few weeks of me saying "Eh, I'll get around to eating it eventually". Before buying this I'd think about the receiving end's perspective.


Son has always been into fortune cookies. He really enjoyed it and ate it over the course of a week. It was quite good. But yes, you should know your recepient and whether they'll appreciate it.


That is awesome. :D

My sister got really into baking her own fortune cookies a few years back. It was her standard gift to pass out at holidays to people that otherwise weren't receiving anything specific. She did all the prep/baking and I was responsible for folding it into shape, since my fingers are more callus. I can only imagine how much it would burn folding that cookie... :P Nevertheless, I think we'll need to revive the tradition to make one of these.

That's fair price, considering the size. Even baking them at home, I bet I'd spend half that and be left with sore hands.


Holy crap! The cookie weighs 4 LBS!!! @_@

You could probably knock someone out cold if you smashed this over their head...


I think you are just advertising yours or a friend's product here, because how is this any sort of deal


@hollytamale: Sorry to disappoint. I rarely cook/bake so this is out of my skill set. Don't know the company either. I did research when I decided to order a giant fortune cookie and their reviews were tops. As I said in the original post, I bought one for my son because he liked fortune cookies. Putting an original message inside was a nice touch for me.


@hollytamale: Really, wouldn't it be more beneficial if you were excited about the deals that did interest you, rather than objecting to one that other people obviously found good?


@hollytamale: In my opinion, "deals" mean two things:

-Good prices on typical merchandise (standard definition)

-Intriguing products that you would never have thought about, but could benefit from. Everyone can benefit from a giant cookie. :) Since it's such an oddball item, the price seems acceptable. This type of deal also applies to many of the made-for-geek products that are highly priced, but rarely sold. Usually niche items that simply aren't sold at mainstream stores, therefor pricing isn't as competitive.

Also, who cares who it's being advertised for? :D Better to advertise for a friend than advertise for Walmart.