dealsmonster 121989-00 just hook it up high speed 5ft…


Is Monster going to claim that this is 90% off their regular price??


Just hook it up??? I don't need to solder anything or connect it to the internet online???


Wasn't there a 10 pack yesterday for about the same money?


Cheapest I've ever seen a Monster cable. And it's still not worth it.


Automatically downvoted because it's Monster.

Don't support Monster, folks. Google about their business practices before you even consider buying And I don't mean their ridiculously high prices nor their ridiculous claims about how their digital cable will get you a better picture than a $2 one from Monoprice. I mean the fact that they've threatened such folks as "Monster Deer Lick", as well as other cable manufacturers such as Blue Jean Cables, for either name or patent infringement, all in the hopes that these small companies would quickly "settle" for a licensing fee or cash, even though the claims were groundless.


lol @ downvotes on comments of monster cable dissenters above....vigorously defending their overpriced cable purchase.


@gdeadfan: You do have to buy an adapter to hang out the window so it picks up the fastest internet waves;-).


HDMI's on Amazon for $1.99 shipped all day long.
You are a fool to spend this sorta money on an HDMI cable


Glad to see this... it reminded me to order a cable for my blu-ray player. Monoprice had a good 6ft 28AWG for $3.50, and $4 to ship.


80% off of list price. If they took another 80% off again, it would be reasonably priced.


@woottoady: You missed the 10 pack for $12 the other day.


Did monster really think it would be a good idea to spend money to advertize a $14 cable in the exact same place people see $2 or even $0.99 cables?