deals8.5x11" copy paper 5-ream, 2,500-sheet case for…


In case the OP's description is confusing, here is the breakdown { tattled, hoping a mod will take pity and do a little adjusting) -

$24.99 - $4.98 coupon - $20 back in Staples rewards = 1¢


Just went to pick it up.

The $20 Staples Rewards is either mailed or emailed to customers at the end of the quarter and can be used for anything in the store other than gift cards and other typical no-nos.


too bad the nearest Staples is 50+ miles away


Requires A. a trip to the store, B. a Staples Rewards membership. C. $20 of additional free crap to "bring the price down." Bottom line- $4 per ream after coupon. Just go to Walmart!


Uh oh... internal error now when you try to print the coupon :(


@tulsadeb: just worked for me.

note expires today, 4-6-2013

also, you can get qty 2 with the coupon