deals17" hp 1740 dvi rotating lcd monitor w/usb hub…


I wooted this one down earlier because of the shipping to my house:

Shipping Method Shipping Cost
Ground Service (4-6 business days) $19.00
3 Day Service $60.07
2 Day Service $86.75
1 Day Service $115.16
1 Day AM Service $123.82

60 for 3 day service??? The monitor price is OK but the shipping is insane you would be better off buying a refurb at

Also I found this ($64 for the monitor and free shipping):

Hope that helps.


I've had one of these as a secondary monitor on my desktop at work for a little over a year now. It's not bad and I like the easy rotation, but this thing is small by today's standards. I'd spend a little more and get a much bigger screen instead.


@paultassie: I like Newegg's shipping prices. I ordered an entire computer system to build with two monitors and guaranteed 3 day UPS was $35.


This looks like a pretty good deal.

I was checking these out awhile back, seemed like they could definitely come in handy (+ they're weird heh). The price is what killed my interest..

It was awhile back, so I could be wrong...but it seems like they were pretty expensive (2.5x+ this much?)

Anyways, n33t.


Still in stock.

I'm not sure what the deal was...but these were listed OOS a couple hours I figured I'd mention it on the chance anybody else ran into the OOS message.

Oh well - back now.


It's not widescreen! I was interested because I'd like a wide monitor, but vertical so that I can read things like webpages, but if it's 4:3 ratio the difference isn't that much


@paultassie's comment is welcome, but I will point out that if you choose "check out with Amazon", and then select "standard" shipping (not the default), then shipping is $13. However, fie on those who inflate shipping charges.


@hairofthedog: I have a widescreen monitor on its side at home. let me tell you, a bunch of (if not most) webpages are slightly wider than a widescreen monitor display. I also have a 4:3 monitor on its side at work, and it is much better with webpages.


now if it only would automatically rotate its self depending on what you were looking at....