dealscamera lens mug with stainless steel insulation…


I've never seen a mug use stainless steel as an insulating material before. I have seen stainless steel liners with other insulators behind them, but this is new to me.


While these sure do look cool, very similar mugs are all over eBay for under $10 including shipping. Not really a deal.


I own one of these. It's alright. It was a lot smaller than I thought; it holds 12oz. I currently use it for a pencil holder at my desk. It works great for that.


With the stainless steel insert and the plastic screw down top- it strips out very easily. Mine lasted two days when it started leaking and would no longer screw tight and seal. As said, very small and with it's added circumference to look like a lens, doesn't fit well in all cup holders