dealssphinx 216 water leak detection alarm for $19.99


Maybe you could paint it green and add some googly eyes to it. Then you have a pointy headed leak frog.


"Not yer actual spink, isn't it? Well, it's cheap! Cost you a score, an' I'm cuttin' me own throat!"

See, the Sphinx is over to the left a bit. Big thing. Body of a lion. Can't miss it. Funny hairdo. Nose missing.

"Shippin'? You want it shipt an' all?"

Pause for effect.

"Cost you."


@rfsmit: Keep working on it and maybe you can start writing the Woot product descriptions.


By the way, if the leak frog gets water in the holes in the top of his head he'll start screaming until you find screwdriver and take his batteries out. If you put the batteries back in after he gets water in him, he'll continue screaming. Leak frog is like Frosty the Snowman - when he's melting, make sure to take off his magic hat!


I know leakfrog, and you sir are NO leakfrog!