dealspny attaché 32gb usb 2.0 flash drive for $14.99…


It looks like the Best Buy links are dysfunctional. Do a copy and paste with this one, until they can get it fixed -


looks like it's the same price over at Amazon.

rom rom

I ended up doing a search on the BB website for pny 32gb and found it part way down the results page.


@rom: It's only the same if you have prime. Otherwise you'll have to pay shipping at Amazon.


Just get two at Amazon and save the tax


Thanks for posting this, eviloverlord333, but once again: I think the SanDisk at Best Buy is slightly better, if only because it provides a "captured" end cap so you can't lose it. $1 more ($15.99), also has free shipping/pickup.


@joemarfice: The PNY does not have a separate cap. It is a slider cover. The outer housing slides up to cover the USB contacts. So it is actually a 2 part housing but it is not two separate pieces.


no taxes on amazon... bestbuy charges taxes.


@havokk: Some of us live in AMAZON states so it we have the pay taxes when shopping at Amazon


Has anyone used one of these with an Xbox 360?


@eviloverlord333: The slide cover doesn't do much as it leaves the end open with all of the important stuff (the contact points) exposed, so it really serves no practical purpose at all.