dealsrefurbished: sandisk sansa clip+ 1.0" black 8gb…


i have had 2 of these in less then 2 years and both powered down and never came back on.. Good price but beware of that happening,


Also FYI: I own 2 of these (the other one for the wife) that we bought refurbished. We have beat the hell out of them in cruel and unusual ways. They have survived 2 1/2 marathons, 3 triathlons, and countless 5/10K's. Plus all the training that led up to those events. Basically we didn't care about these because we paid about $20 each for them. They are still going strong. When they finally do die, I might actually be a little sad. "We have been through so much together..."


I <3 Sansas!! All of mine are still going strong..and it has been over 3 years on two of them.


I have a bunch of Sansa Clips & love them. But they can be a bit quirky, so don't chuck them right off if they don't seem to charge any more. Some of my Sansas will only charge via USB w/ a computer, others charge better via a USB wall plug. Some charge just fine both ways. I don't attempt to make any sense of it; I just try charging them until it works.


Great great players. Fantastic audio quality. AND unlike some dam nano you can upgrade the memory.


Sansa! You're back! :-)
Bought 2, they've never had a prob.


Great for recording lectures for your graduates ;) great for 80 something-year-old Daddies to work. Mine are still going strong or I'd be in for more.


Thank Goodness.

I was Jonesing here on the the lack of Clip's for the last few months.

Sarcasm aside, these are great players. Compact, good quality audio. I have bought 3, though one of them (a refurb) had the a dead card reader slot, which defeats one of the main attractions.


I miss when woot had these all the time... I always bought 2 or 3 at a time. I love having different colors too for different things (i.e. Blue one is for running, red one is lectures and podcasts, and black is for recordings.

I have yet to have one of these fail on me. I love the OLED screen on the older ones and I'm sure the new ones are even better. I was just using one of my first gen Sansa clips less than an hour ago!

The older ones had loose back clips after some heavy use and would tend to fall off easy and get lost. It was hard to find replacements (at least when I was looking). This looks like it has a better clip integration.

Sold piece of hardware. Reliable. Awesome audio quality. GREAT battery life. Easy manageability. microSD slot!!!

Woot, if you see this comment... please get more Sansas!!! :D


I've had 2 Sandisk Clip players. Both were refurbs. The first lasted a couple years, until I got stuck in a heavy rain storm halfway through a 20 mile run. I really liked it, so I bought another. The second sat around for a few weeks before I used it. It played 6 songs and died. Warranty on refurbs is 30 days so I was out of luck.


This isn't really that great of a deal, I paid $42 for my 8GB Clip+ NEW. It's a great little player, but the clip hinges are thin an cheaply made. The clip part just broke on it a couple of weeks ago. I wear it clipped to the neck of my shirt while working out at the gym, that's it. I was working out a couple of weeks ago and it just fell off. The original Clip player had a removable clip which was solid.