dealsbuy 1, get1 free - clorox disinfecting wipes…


I'm slacking today. I forgot to add this: To receive your free item add two of the same wipes to you cart.
For item number 616321 enter coupon code 62394
For item number 866359 enter coupon code 31551
For item number 638769 enter coupon code 37162
For item number 616319 enter coupon code 71106

Offer expires 10/29/2011.


Great deal...and softer than toilet paper!

In 4 uno.


Picked up 4 tubs which = Happy Wife. Also grabbed a 32Gb USB 2.0 Flash Drive for under $40 which means free delivery = Happy Hubby!


Thanks. In for 4. One more reason I woot! ha ha