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Why do you have to click through to get the price? It's $329.99 BTW


Best Buy drops this TV to this price every once in a while. I got mine a couple of months ago. It's a nice TV, no complaints from me. The sales clerk told me that it's made by LG for Best Buy as Insignia to lower price, if brand names are something you consider. (It could've been a lie '>.>)


@tsfisch: When I click on the TV to get more specs, price comes down to $289.99


@barbel1989: I was told the same thing when I was sold my Insignia a few years ago. The tv's picture is darn good!, I'd even go so far as saying better than many of my friends TV's. I also have an LG in my home and the was they are set up and overall quality are very similar.


@barbel1989: The Best Buy sales person I talked with said that Best Buy uses the leftover LG parts from the previous model year to make their Insignia TV's. That would make sense. LG sells leftover parts, Best Buy assembles them. LG has a pretty good reputation in the PC Magazine Reader's survey, too.,2817,2412615,00.asp


I also own this TV. I got it for $279 in store this past February. No complaints from me, I think its great. But I upgraded from a 19" CRT, so what do I know?


If you're name-brand conscious, prefer your HDMI inputs on the back, and are willing to spend an extra $10, BB also has this Toshiba on sale for $299.99. Slightly better reviews and smaller bezel as well (at least along the bottom)...


I bought this TV for $249 when it first came out in November. There were no customer reviews at the time, so I was a little wary. I thought it was a limited production TV for the black friday sales ad. Turns out it has been a very good TV, especially for the price. The remote is just so-so, the sound isn't the highest quality, but the picture is great. It is perfect as a bedroom TV. No complaints here, and at $289 it is a great value.


@scubalab: No worries @scubalab, you're not the first victim of Best Buy's busted links - and you'll not be the last!


I won't buy anything less than 120Hz.


It appears the $289 price is expired. I've gone all the way to the cart and it has not reduced.

If anyone else shows up at 289, please post how you did it. Otherwise, this deal is expired and I'm waiting on getting this.