dealsbike glow safety light for $17.99 + shipping


That's cool. not limited to bikes either. could put it on anything you ride or drive around. i was thinking of stringing it on some random stuff around my desk. but $18 is too much for that. cool though!


Is this EL wire? Cause would be a really good deal for a pre-assembled unit.


@catbertthegreat: Looks like it. Just found the specs on the manufacturer's website:

BikeGlow Safety Light Specs

Specification Description
Weight with batteries 98 grams
System Electroluminescent
Number of bulbs 1
Battery life flashing 120 hours
Battery life steady 50 hours
Batteries 2 AA
Mounting Frame / handlebar / clothing


The site won't let users buy more than one of each color.


Build a Tron suit and never get laid again


Where I live, there are not many street lights and the drivers are really bad and will drive very close to me when I am walking on the street. These things will be very good helping me stay visible.


Hi! We fixed the issue with ordering more than one. You can now order up to 5 of each color. If you need more than that, let us know.

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I have 3 of these - keeps the kids safe - and dad too. Got mine at REI - this is a great deal. In for more (great xmas gifts for the nephews)


On the one hand I did get hit by a car Wednesday.
On the other hand will one more light help that much?
On the gripping hand it's cheap enough.


Seems like a good deal, but they tack on 5.00 per unit for handling....was gonna buy four, but an extra twenty bucks soured the deal for me....


@urza2k4: "Build a Tron suit and never get laid again."

By "again" you're implying that he was once before. Doubtful...

You can buy EL Wire on Ebay with cig lighter, USB, or battery powered inverters for $10 bucks shipped all day long for about the same length as this one. A bit pricey, but not for a US-based seller I suppose.


Almost sold out of Yellow and Blue!


Cool gadget. Too bad that there is a $5 handling for each, otherwise I would have bought more than one.