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Free after $95.00 rebate. Ouch.


Its actually two rebates one for $50 and the other for $45... the latter is only for people who are upgrading from TrendMicro, Norton, or McAfee.

Fine Print: "This offer is valid only to previous owners of retail (boxed or downloaded) stand-alone versions of Trend Micro, or any Norton™ or McAfee™ products."


@jyoz22: very good catch dude well done, many less weary shoppers might have jumped the gun and been in for a nasty surprise down the roar


better to wait for a free-after-rebate offer from staples. you can pay with ink recycling rewards and get cash back. Staples easy rebates are truly easy, submit online in about 2 minutes, and 5 weeks later you are paid via check, staples gift card, or paypal. Just watch their ads for the next few weeks and either this or Kaspersky will be free after rebate.


Seems like AV software should be obsolete for Windows since Microsoft offers it for free now. (Security Essentials)


@colbytitus: MS Security Essentials works fine in Win8, but it isn't necessarily the end-all-be-all security suite some people might need. That said there are plenty of free solutions available, so paying for virus protection seems pointless unless you're frequenting shady websites, or prone to clicking email links you aren't perfectly sure of.


@colbytitus: MS Security Essentials recently lost their AV-TEST certification because of its awful performance:

Not only that but last week they tanked a test so bad they received negative points:

Though this latter test is not as reputable as AV-TEST it seems like Microsoft is on a decline.

I recently switched from AVG Free (which actually performed really well in AV-TEST certification tests) to BitDefender's New Free Edition (their new version provides real-time protection, and the same engine/definitions of their paid software -- which received AV-TEST's highest ratings).

I highly recommend Free versions of Bitdefender, AVG, or Avast over MS Security Essentials.