dealscraftsman 154 pc. mechanics tool set for $72.00…


Don't know too many mechanics who would use a removable bit screwdriver...but no matter. Still a solid deal.

Though please be aware that these sockets/wrenches are not "easy read" or "color coded" in anyway. It couldn't cost Craftsman more than 1/100th of a cent to print easy read numbers on their sockets, so why aren't all sets like this now? Trying to keep that as a "pay extra for it" feature???


My father-in-law (who incidentally is a mechanic) gave me this exact set 15 years ago - probably as a wedding gift as he tried to make me more likable. @firebirdude is spot on about the socket size markings. They suck. The socket stamps are so difficult to read that, after my son opens the case upside down and all of the sockets spill across the garage floor, I have to use the process of elimination to figure out where some of them go (because I can't read the barely-there stamp).
That said, this is a terrific collection. I find the sockets and wrenches most useful for my needs, which are general home maintenance/DIY-type projects - some actual work on vehicles. I rarely use the screwdriver, although it has come in handy on several occasions when I'm away from home with only this set of tools. The hex keys/Allen wrenches have also seen occasional use. What I never use are the nut driver bits. Actually, I didn't even know what those were for until this Woot. This is a great price!


You could use a label maker and make some readable labels...


I don't know if woot will let me paste this link to a tool review site, but these are sadly not the "exact same set" they used to be. They changed this year.

Here goes the attempt at pasting a link to a sort-of review at ToolGuyD:


@ladygzb: Yikes! You might be right. Although the wrenches in the Woot item picture don't look fully polished like the toolduyd link, the description does say "cast", whereas my 15 year old set has both "Drop-Forged" and "Made in USA" stamped onto them.

A guy could make a fortune making quality tools in the U.S. Somebody step up and fill that void.


I wanted one of these 154 pc. tool sets but when I hit "I want one" the price was $79.99. I have never had
a problem with another item on this site. I wish someone could explain this error to me.


@teresa713: You need to use the coupon code listed in the description.


I own this set, have for years. No problems reading the stamps, maybe if the sun is at the right angle - but that's about it. If you have 20/20 vision you shouldn't have a problem.


@ladygzb: I had no idea they phased out tape measures. >:(

I remember the yellow ones that would be covered for any damage. Then they changed to red which didn't cover damage to the tape itself. Maybe there was even one more after that. Green?

I won't take "sorry, we don't carry that anymore" for an answer when it comes to warranty exchanges. Give me something comparable even from a different brand and I'll keep my receipt to prove I had the craftsman tool.

I exchanged a craftsman 12ga 25ft extension cord recently for a non-craftsman 12ga 100ft! It was all they had that wasn't lighter duty and they were happy to give it to me.


Ordered this on 6/7... haven't heard a SINGLE thing from them since. Emailed with no response. some deal....