dealsmonoprice 3 outlet power surge protector wall tap…


I have one of these and love it. Am a long time monoprice customer and you have got to watch the shipping costs. I often find the same item from monoprice on amazon prime for less after shipping is added.


@scubajoe: Agreed on both counts. My only complaint is that it doesn't appear to secure well to the socket, so it wobbles a bit. I have a feeling, though, that is a problem with the specific socket it is plugged into.

I also agree that one really needs to watch the shipping at Monoprice. You can appear to get a great deal on HDMI cables, only to have it ruined by $14 shipping on a $10 order.


@wilfbrim: Are you just plugging this into the socket? Looks like there is a hole through the middle. So I suspect it is designed to replace the cover on the outlet completely. i.e. take the center screw out, remove cover, plug this in, put longer screw through the center and tighten. It should lay flat against the wall after that and be pretty secure. I don't have one though so I am just going by other wall mounted surge protectors I have used.


I have one and its great. Not enough amps to charge my wife's phone and slow on my ipad though.


Agree with others on the fact that Monoprice is a great resource, but you do have to watch shipping charges! At face value, for the quality of their products, their prices are GREAT. However, once shipping is added, their prices are just good.

This deal, for instance, looks great at $11.02, but shipping to my address adds $6.95. At almost $18 with shipping, it isn't as great of a deal...

I've bought orders with merchandise totaling around $100 and the shipping was upwards of $50 - $60.


@cokeman: I think you're right. It secures by fitting into the top socket, having a plastic post that goes into the safety ground on the bottom socket, and having a thru-screw to secure it to the plate.