dealssuper mini vintage oil lighter for $1.90


I'll probably get this just because it looks handy, and it's cheap. And I'm a sucker for a cheap handy.

You can get pretty cheap lighters at (or pretty much any other Chinese dropshipper) too..

The O-Ring is probably one of the coolest features, evaporation is one of the worst things about fluid lighters..


The discount only takes off $0.34.


@ke5pcv: Unless my math is incorrect, $2.24 minus $0.34 equals $1.90 as the OP stated.


@coffeegirrrl: lol... I think your math is good-nuff.


I have one of these (or a similar Chinese lighter). The O-ring seems to hold the fuel very well but even when it is freshly filled, it is very hard to light anything while outside. Definitely not windproof but for 2 bucks it's still convenient to have around imo.


The only other website I've seen these lighters sold at:

They sell for $11.50 each over there so I may have to go ahead and grab a couple. Been wanting at get some just couldn't rationalize spending that much on a lighter when I don't even smoke.


Highly doubt the quality is anything like CountyComm. They are a US military and government contractor. The $1.90 lighter is from Hong Kong. A bit different!


@completetechonline: @iskuby: Yeah, that CountryComm lighter was actually engineered (or I guess re-engineered) for improved function..quote from the website (videos of it getting ran over by a firetruck and stuff too)

"Here's what we came up with to improve it:

>Manufacture it out of 300 Series Stainless Steel
>Make it smaller (about .5'' x 1.9")
>Make it flat on the end so it can be used as an candle in an emergency.
>Removable lighter insert allows it to be used as a waterproof stainless steel pill vial"

Probably a little better than the Chinese lighter that cost 4¢ to make :)


I think countycomm is a great site and no argument here that they make quality stuff. However, all I need a mini lighter for is to make a fire. That's why right now I keep disposable lighters in my backpack and my vehicle. They're cheap and if I lose one I don't care. I mean $1.90 vs. $11.50 that is almost 10x more expensive and I don't think it will light a fire 10x better. If you absolutely cannot have anything but the world's strongest mini lighter then countycomm's got you covered!


Just got an e-mail from PayPal:

"Tung Nam Trading Inc just sent you a full refund of $1.90 USD for your purchase. If you have any questions about this refund, please contact Tung Nam Trading Inc."

Note from merchant
out of stock, sorry!


Glad I could float 'em some cash for a few weeks though, that's cool.. I wonder how many other Wooters got stuck with a $2 loan? I guess the personal/billing info is just a bonus..


Just got an email from goldengadgets... My order has shipped again. Haven't checked paypal yet. Did anyone else get the same email?