dealsblack decker cj630 32-ounce electric citrus…


Great concept, how the juice falls right into the pitcher, but these things aren't very good if you plan on doing lots of juicing. I bought one of these and the gears started slipping after about 6 weeks or so. After it started slipping, I searched Craigslist and found an Acme Supreme Juicer with the citrus juicing attachment only (all I wanted - already have a regular juicer) and it's been a righteous beast. I can literally put my whole weight on top of a hard orange and it won't even slow down. Try that with this and you're gonna break it.


Good stuff, thanks. Sounds like you have found a good way to get your juice and morning workout all in one. Be careful!

(Seriously though, good info. This is the intro-to-juicing juicer.)