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It's getting cold out there, and I really needed one of these for my winter truck. What a great price, and I was very relieved to learn I could get TA over the phone if necessary. Thanks!


Holy crap these things are down to $17 now? I remember when they were a few hundred (yes, for the DIY kits). At this price I almost want to buy one even though I really have no need for it...


If your key has an RFID chip in it (I know my '01 does) this may not work for you because the remote starter doesn't have anything to make the vehicle think the proper key is there.

A workaround is to use a spare key, chop off the shank, and tape it inside the plastic of the steering column.


This is the weirdest site I've seen since the [removed] website. Ttoo small pictures, but worst of all, unable to order some merchandise if I do not contact them first to set a price for me.

I will not bother with them!


I see 21.99, whats up? Deal Gone?


@horkdoom: Not a good idea to lop off the end of a secondary key and attach it to the column, when doing so you enable anybody to hot wire the vehicle. So if you do need a bypass module as most cars do i would suggest buying the proper module. As i have been a car audio technician for 15 years and have installed several of these exact units i would not recommend buying these units as they do not consistently work and have problems with the remotes and poor range thus being why they are so cheap. If you have a work car that's a beater and don't want to pay for an expensive remote start unit for the car this would be a much better option then most of the no name brands like bull dog only due to the fact it is a D.E.I. product. Just don't expect a lot out of this thing.


Is this compatible with my Mack?


@digitalmonkeyman: It is the featured item at the very top: woot!READY REMOTE. Click on view details or add to cart, it will be $16.99


How hard is this to install? Any idea for a 1997 or 2000 Lincoln Town car? I hate the cold and it only needs to work about 75 feet away.



Those with Prime can buy from the same company through Amazon to avoid shipping charges. Or free shipping with FSSS.


As tempted as I am at this price, installation intimidates the crap out of me. I watched the videos hoping to get some small measure of comfort, but no joy. My wife would love it, but I think I need to pass on this one.


@butz: I hear you. This is the second time I've gone to their site thinking how great this would be. Then I review the videos and think, there is no way I could pull that off, at least not without messing something up.

If I find myself with some extra money, I'll have it done professionally. Otherwise, my next car will probably have it standard anyway.


@butz: While I agree just because its "do it yourself" - its not for every single person, most people will have someone (brother-in-law,uncle, neighbor etc) that knows something about electronics and should be able to do it with all the support available.

Also, keep in mind if you go to a "professional" - there is only so much they can charge for a do-it-yourself install with tons of documentation and tech support.

Whatever they charge for a made-in china starter, divide that by alot -
so overall either way you slice it - the install fee is somewhere between 0 and 50$ max -


I grabbed this the last time it came up from this site a week or two ago. Installation was intimidating- it takes a certain amount of cajones to cut one of the essential wires under your dash. Its also somewhat difficult- the wires that you need to splice into are generally located up under the driver's dash panel, so you spend a fair amount of time squished under there, muttering about blue wires and gray wires, cursing as molten solder spawls across any exposed skin...

However, as another reviewer pointed out, they do have tech support, and the wiring information on their website is very good. If you have a large thimbleful of bravery, and some general DIY experience, you can handle this with an afternoon or two's effort. Personally, I had to learn how to solder to get the project done (not that hard), but really- car thieves do this all the time. You can probably handle it.

Range on the remote seems decent. ~200ft?


@gooddeals18: A $50 install fee seems extremely low, especially since the standard labor fee in most shops is normally in the $80-100 range. I appreciate what your saying, but finding a friend/family member/neighbor only transfers the damage risk to them while leaving me with the repair liability. If I decide to have a remote starter installed at some point, I think I'm safer going to a professional for the whole thing.

Additional info: I went to the Ready Remote website to see if there were any DEI authorized dealers near me. It showed two in NY, two in TX and one in HI. That's it. Since I live in the Southeast, I'm not impressed.


If I still had my 1988 Mercury Cougar I'd jump on this since the electronics system was very simple and basic. With the electronic systems installed in the current vehicles, I'd steer clear of this one. There's just too many things that can go wrong with the install.


I'm sure this is a dumb question as I probably already know the answer to it, but I can't find it anywhere on the site or downloads or booklets - but will this work on a manual transmission? I'm assuming no, but I can't find information to the contrary.


Now I can make my car a push-button start car like those fancy Altimas!


@kimcee: I don't see why it wouldn't work on a manual transmission, BUT, you'd have to leave the car parked in neutral, and if your car is one of those which requires the clutch to be depressed when starting you'd have to defeat that interlock. Not a good idea safety-wise and probably more trouble than it's worth.


@horkdoom... my attempt at being more specific about this RFID key issue ;^)

1. At under "Interface Module Look-up", put in the make/model/year of one's car
2. If one is directed to an "Immobilizer Bypass" to address this RFID key security, look under the Website's "Accessories" to find their "Universal Alarm Bypass Module". MSRP is $40, but they're on ebay for less [search "29402 bypass"]. Note: spare key required for transponder.


There are workarounds for installing with a manual, but it is IMPERATIVE that you always leave the car in neutral. If not, the starter will drive your car forward regardless of another car or wall in the way. And it is pretty easy to accidentally remote start, just pulling your keys out of your pocket. Installations somewhat daunting, if your not experienced with this kind of thing. I installed mine as a workaround for fixing a problem with my ignition, as my key was disabling my fuel pump through Passlock. The bypass module fixed this, which tricks your car into always thinking there is a key in the ignition.


@strayling, @natecary, I'm generally always parked on flat land, so I leave my car parked in neutral 99% of the time, but in this case despite my question I think it's better to have a professional install one on a manual car - although the safety issues of it make it not worth it even professionally installed - one accidental lurch forward could pin someone walking between cars/walls/etc. I looked around after I asked and discovered most professional installers won't touch a manual transmission with an auto-starter either, so a DIY kit is totally out of the question.


@zacharyzblewski: This does not appear to be the same unit. The dual remote unit you show has two 3 button remotes and the unit for sale has a 4 button remote.


Beware of this, not many people can install these themselves. I got the one they had about 2 weeks ago for sale, its the 24926 model for $29.99. Installed it in a 2011 Chevy Silverado and it required hookup of 23 wires along with another box called the PKUMUX to bypass the key transponder. The PKUMUX bypasses the key without requiring a key to be put in because it stores the codes the key generates when you first program it, its $31 on Amazon. So $68 for remote start isnt too bad but the amount of work required was a lot more than the average person could handle, took me about 12 hours total to tear the steering console and lower dash apart, wire it and put it back together.

Another note, Directed has excellent customer support but every time I have called the average hold time was about 30 minutes so make sure you have read the directions for everything and have all your questions ready before you call. Also, will tell you what transponder bypass you need.


I would not buy the universal bypass from Directed either, it requires a key. Look on to find a kit, you should be able to find one for the same price that will store the codes without losing a key.

These websites have wiring diagrams for vehicles:

I consulted both bulldog and readyremotes diagrams when installing in the Silverado and both were spot on.

If you are mechanically inclined, this isnt a real hard install, just very tedious work. On the Silverado, I only had to cut 1 wire and that was for the PKUMUX box so there really isnt much room to screw up as long as you follow the directions, the other 22 wires I had to hook up were soldered on and didnt require cutting any wires.


@natecary: @natecary: No disrespect but, it's many times easier to just bypass VATS/PASSLOCK than it is to install a whole remote start to do the same thing. It takes about 5 or 10 minutes and a resistor. Also the module shouldn't trick the car into thinking the key is always in, it's only supposed to be on until the real key is inserted and shuts off once the key is turned forward. One more thing to check is the sensor connector clip for the passlock system it has 3 wires and these connections become oxidized over time and the resistance changes, most of the time you can directly solder these 3 wires and fix the problem.


@digitalmonkeyman: I was not talking of the remote, I was talking about other items in their website.

My Audi has manual shift and I do not need a remote starter, but I visited their sites for other items. Sometime sites with woot offers lead me to other interesting devices.


@th0r: if you have the FAT key with a large round oversize outer cover with a small square box in the end of the outer plastic cover you will need a bypass module for it to work. If you have the smaller key this should work fine, as i said before do not expect too much out of the lower priced unit.