dealsroku 1080p streaming stick for $58.86


Well shoot...I just bought the refurbished 2 XS for about the same price (with shipping). I guess the benefit is that the 2 XS has a USB port.


Unless your TV has a MHL port, you cannot use this adapter. There is a Wiki page that shows which TVs are compatible.


Ya, but most TVs have their HDMI port on the back. What about using this with a remote?


@tradergeorge: I wish I could give this a few extra up-votes. I have a feeling there will be a flood of these as open box/refurbs in the near future when many many people don't realize their TV needs to have MHL.


@mleejr: Assuming the device is like USB devices you may not need to be directly in front to use the remote, but if you do there are devices you can use to extend it. Just suck if you have to pay more. Also the product is out of stock.


Good price, but there's about a 99.9% chance that you do NOT have a compatible TV.


@mleejr: MHL (and newer HDMI) standards also include Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), which makes it possible to use your TV's remote control to operate the plugged-in device.


@mleejr: This appears to use the same "gaming" remote as the 2XS. It uses bluetooth, not IR so it can be hidden and work fine. I have a couple of the 2XS units and they are mounted behind my TVs with velcro. (Roku also sells a little mount that does the same thing for more $).

That said, please heed the warnings that VERY FEW TVs actually will work with this device at the moment. And you do lose the USB port but I do recommend adding the PLEX channel if you have a Roku device because it allows you to stream directly from your PC to the Roku across your network.