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I wish the description was the only lie here.


Come to Washington Heights. Cheaper, and the same thing.


I went to an all inclusive resort in DR a few years back and it was a pretty good time. Fairly inexpensive, lots of Europeans, but I did stay primarily on the property and beach. Not sure I'd wander out into the country on my own, but I've felt the same way about certain US cities when I visit them (DC comes to mind.)


@sgtgreeneusmc: I agree, it's not a place where you want to go out and explore on your own. There's well built-up areas around the shorelines that quickly goes downhill.

My family and I stayed in the DR for a week at an all-inclusive in Punta Cana. Very nice resort, great weather. However, the number of guards they had patrolling the grounds was a bit off-putting.

Also, DR is a Malaria risk area, especially in the areas near the Haitian border. You might want to consider that risk, and investigate how the resort does mosquito control.


@sgtgreeneusmc: I agree. I went this year to a resort in Punta Cana. We did an excursion off-resort and in the middle of the trip out to the zip line facility our van stopped inexplicably. Eventually we found out it was so we could get on a different kind of your van for the rest of the trip but we had no idea and were more than mildly concerned.

The experience at the resort was fantastic and the Punta Cana airport was great. One other note for people new to all-inclusives is that even though it states "tips included" there is an expectation that you tip additionally once you get there, at least in DR. The folks there basically live off the tips.


The AI's want you to stay on the property so that you spend all your time and money there. As long as you're not stupid about it (wandering around certain parts of Santo Domingo at 4am) you're pretty safe just about anywhere in the DR. Your biggest problem would likely be getting overcharged at the colmados & restaurants (the gringo tax).

The DR is a beautiful country, if you're just going to stay on the AI grounds you may as well just go to the Bahamas.


@deeluxx: There IS a high crime rate in the DR and it has been a known for quite a few years that it is NOT safe to be out and about, particularly when you don't know the area.


I'm interested in the reason for all the negative "thumbs down" without significant comments about this resort. I assume this is a time share promotion. Anyone interested in clarifying this?


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A "sense of adventure" vacation! Hell yeah!
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Been there...done that! These deals are just a comeon...try and get one!


why so many negative down votes?