deals32gb 8pin microsdhc (secure digital high capacity…


$2.90 shipping to FL. Same shipping for quantities up to 5. Not free, but pretty darn reasonable.


@wafflehound: I've been looking for a 32 GB which isn't class 10. I have an early gen 1080p camcorder that only looks at the first number on the class, so it thinks class 10 is actually class 1 & won't accept it. Class 4 works fine for recoding HD video on my camcorder, so it's likely to work find for most recording/playback devices.


I would second that this is probably a good deal for phones.
I have a few class 10 micro sdhc cards that, while you can get 12-15 MB/s on large streaming files, they are slow (1 MB/s?!) when you're doing 8 k blocks (apps, emails, etc).


The way the title reads, it looks like you get "4 for $18" instead of "Class 4"...


How reputable is the site? I'm anxious about any place that lacks paypal logos


Memman posts quite a bit around here, not all the deals are what I'd call great(256MB Xd memory card for $30.........) so I wouldn't be to worried about ordering from them, and this deal at least seems pretty good :)


unlike those 9pin Micro SD cards?


Don't know much about the different classes of memory cards. Will this one work in a cell phone?


Class 4 is pretty slow for taking video and larger sized photos. If you are wanting actions shots, this is too slow.

But for storage of mp3s, books, that sorta thing, its fine.

Standard snapshots I think would be ok. And lower quality video would be ok....

That is my experence with a 32 gig class 4 card in my Motorola PHoton phone...YMMV