dealsxterra mb880 indoor cycle trainer was $1,299 for…


Link doesn't work.. DEAD


This link is not valid. However, you can go to their site and enter the product number in the search bar: 3900902


Hi WJenson - Did you ever purchase the exercise bike from I ordered it and got confirmation the my order was received and the product was in stock. Then after 17 days sent me an email stating my order was canceled at my request. After some conversations with Customer Service they said the manufacturer canceled the order? Please let me know if you or anyone else had a similar experience as I did.

Thank you...!


I did order one and had the same thing happen to me. Lets just say I wasn't impressed. I called customer service and they gave me a story about the manufacturer being out of stock. I asked to talk to a supervisor but they said no one was available. My guess is Sports Authority messed up the price and it took them three weeks to decide how to cover it up. My order said the item was located in the warehouse. I find it hard to believe it can go from that to out of stock after three weeks. I wonder how many others had the same experience?