dealsntb-buy 2 tires and get 2 free or buy 1 get 1…


upvote for good coupon... Don't have NTB here and just spent $968 on tires yesterday. :(


114 for alignment package and 76 for road hazard. Basically making up for two free tires with 200 add on. The cheapest applicable tire was 118/tire. Good deal with a ton of fees tacked on.


dsnygrrl is right. I was tire-hunting recently and NTB finds ways to jack up the fees for any of these "deals." They usually make you buy the most expensive "service" package possible -- and lo and behold the service package is actually near useless.

Try Discount Tires, Costco, Sams or Wal-Mart instead. All were significantly cheaper and far less shady in my experience.


I called my local NTB to price tires for my truck. Then called my local Mr.Tire to price the exact same tire. Mr.Tire came out $23 cheaper at their everyday price!!! To top it off at NTB you must get the alignment and service plan in order to get the "free" tire(s). Mr.Tire comes with free road hazard and rotations for all their tires already included in their price. NTB is a sham, Mr.Tire is better but for even better prices check Sams Club, Costco, and various online discount tire dealers. Good Luck!


i almost forgot.... Mr.Tire does a free diagnostic check to see if you actually need an alignment in the first place!