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More pictures and stuff here

It seems pretty cool, too bad I don't have any of those Motorola devices. Does anyone know for sure if this works with other devices? Also can it show both screens at the same time?


@thelastpiece - This is from that amazon link you provided:

"The Lapdock 100 is compatible with multiple Motorola smartphones, including Motorola ATRIX 2, PHOTON 4G, and DROID BIONIC by Motorola. It will also be compatible with future Motorola webtop-enabled devices."


@thelastpiece: There are a bunch of websites and Youtube videos out there showing how it easily connects to other devices with some cheap adapters. It can even be used as a second monitor for laptops and desktops.


Think icemonkey is part of Dailsteals,no way I would buy from them


Funny you posted this, I was just thinking about getting one of these :D
I was looking at the DROID Bionic Lapdock though.. is there any difference - anyone know? (It's an inch bigger, that's why I care :) )

Best I can see is that the ports are arranged slightly different and there's no cable integrated.


@jmbunkin: They have slow shipping, but I've bought quite a few items through Daily Steals and Icemonkey. I've never had a problem with not getting my item. If you are worried, they take PayPal.

The one thing I wouldn't do is buy something from them, expecting to have your item before Christmas. It may or may not arrive by then. I've had them take a month to get stuff to me. For the price, this seems like a great deal though. I don't mind waiting 'til January if that's how it works out.


@jackofallgames42: Slow shipping is a given with dailysteals. How about not giving me a credit for an item they never shipped and knew they were not going to ship,not contacting me to let me know and then after me emailing them 7-8 times it took them almost 10 weeks to finally issue the credit. Got an item from them once that was obviously used and another time a product that arrived in about 6-8 pieces because the tossed it in a plastic bag put a label on it and shipped it.
I have ordered from them more than a dozen times but with me it's three strikes you're out. I order from 8-10 sites frequently and Dailysteals is the worst I've dealt with.Suggest you rersearch others who have had problems with them before you get taken.
I hope you don't have difficulty with your order but since I have, I want people to know about it.


@jmbunkin: Yikes! I'm sorry to hear that's happened. I've also ordered from them at least a dozen times. (I wouldn't post the deal if I thought they were really bad.) I haven't had a single experience like that. As for trouble getting a refund, that's why I use PayPal. If I open a claim through PayPal and they ignore it, I get my money back by default. I'll admit that I don't trust them as much as other sites, but I still trust them enough to buy from them...using PayPal.

If anyone does really want this item and is concerned about Daily Steals, 1saleaday has the same item for $10 more ($59.99 w/ free shipping) at Ben's Outlet: They're another daily deal type of site, but it's another option. Amazon has these too, but they're closer to $80 from what I'm seeing.