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Honda Civic Challenge
So you’ve downloaded the Honda Challenge Car Pack, you’ve bought the cars and kitted them out with some sweet liveries. Now you’re wondering: what’s next? Well, it’s time to grab that 2013 Civic Si and hit the roads of Colorado in the Honda Civic Challenge Rivals event. Never tried Rivals in Forza Horizon? Here’s what you need to do:

Log in to Forza Horizon with a valid Xbox LIVE account
Drive or fast travel to the Horizon Festival and enter the “Race Central” section.
Choose “Rivals” from the menu
Click on the “Monthly Rivals” channel
Find the “Honda Civic Challenge” event and click on it

Note that you’ll need the Honda Challenge Car Pack in order to enter this event. Once the game starts, your goal will be to set as fast a time as possible in this event.


While racing against the Forza community is cool, pitting your skills against a real race car driver is even better. We’re happy to announce that Honda race driver (and Indy 500 champ) Scott Dixon will be setting a time in this event as well. Test your racing chops against an IndyCar Series champion by looking for Scott’s Xbox LIVE Gamertag (which we’ll provide on Tuesday)… you can even set him as your Rival for some intense racing action.

The top overall finisher in the Honda Challenge will win the chance to meet Scott Dixon in person as well as a custom Honda-branded 250GB Xbox 360 console. Finishers 2-4 will also win one custom Honda-branded 250GB Xbox 360. In addition, everyone who manages to beat Scott’s time on the leaderboard will win a free Forza Horizon custom theme pack.

Please note that the Honda Civic Challenge Rivals event is only open to Forza Horizon players who registered for the event on Xbox LIVE.


For official rules on this contest see

Beginning on Feb. 15, we’ll be holding a special Honda-Civic themed photo contest around the 2013 Honda Civic Si Coupe. Look for more details soon!


Sweet! Free DLC is the best DLC.
Going to pop this in after I finish Need for Speed.


@dopey5007: I'm sorry that my complaining in ATC got this deal retagged to free and therefore booted from the Top Deals section. I wasn't complaining about your deal and now I realize I shouldn't have even mentioned it.