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Windows 7? What is this, August?


As a word of caution OEM versions are locked to the 1st motherboard they are installed on and cannot be reused on new systems. You can upgrade things like video and sounds cards, hard drive or ram. If at any point your motherboard fails or you need to upgrade it you will not be able to install windows again.


I've called Microsoft (India) and gotten additional installs added to my code before by explaining to them the situation. It just takes patience.


@langrisser: That's why I only install Windows on a virtual machine running on a Linux box. ;-)


@langrisser: That's not entirely true. After a while (about 6 months) the hardware profile that it was activated on is purged from the registration database and you can install it on a completely new system. I used the same OEM license for WinXP on 3 different systems.