deals$1.99 per month web hosting from


Site only shows $3.95/mo price.


Shows the right price for me. Anyone know how they are?


I used to use for hosting. Had all kinds of problems with viruses in my pages and scripts. Customer service was terrible. They would only respond via email and considering the very broken english in the emails, I guess I should be glad I didn't have to try to talk to them over the phone. They kept telling me they don't offer help on scripts even though the viruses were obviously coming from their servers. After months of cleaning up viruses only to be reinfected, I gave up and went to Same scripts and pages, no viruses in 2 years with GoDaddy.


ditto what drschank said. Terrible outages, terrible customer service (or none to be more blunt). I currently use jumpline, but they have had some frequent outages lately also. Need to find something more stable.


@kerowyn: Best guess you type in the coupon code at checkout. The add doesn't say what you can use the coupon for. It may only apply to the Starter Plan. I would be surprised if it applied to the Pro Plan that is already on sale and is cheaper then the Starter Plan. I'm also guessing you would be locked in to a one, two or three year contract, depending on what you select and what the coupon applies to. The add isn't very specific about anything.


@vanpattenv: I'm using Bluehost right now and love them. Really great communication and customer service. My favorite thing is that they have instant chat tech support. Every time I've had a problem, they've always cleared it up including the one time it was actually Google App's fault. Definitely recommend them.


@drschank: I just changed to Namecheap hosting a little while ago because of GoDaddy's stated support for SOPA. It might be worth changing away from them if online civil liberties are important to you.


I have an IPOWER site and am pleased with them overall. Occasional outages, but nothing out of the ordinary. (They all have outages, I've found.) drschank, I'm guessing you had some outdated scripts that were getting compromised, and when you made the switch to GoDaddy, you started using newer scripts by default. These are big companies. If IPOWER or GoDaddy were riddled with viruses, we'd have heard about it.


@glorioski: So how long have you worked for iPower? I see you just joined woot today so you could comment here...


Ipower will never let you go. I haven't been a customer of theirs for several years because of their horrible support and even worse servers, but I still get email from them and can't unsubscribe. in fact their tech support can't unsubscribe me. I just forward all their email to their tech support team and let them deal with it. they had a horrible old buggy cpanel as well, but that was a few years ago, and they may have improved something since then.


I'm hosting with and love the customer support. I had 2 issues where I forgot my password getting in cpanel and was locked out. Emailed support and it was fixed within minutes.


I'm a freelance web developer, and I've given up entirely on shared hosting. The technical limitations, downtime, and bad customer support finally broke me. In fact, I bought dedicated hosting and resell to my clients - that's how committed I am. :)

If you want to leave the cheapo shared hosting space altogether, try Media Temple: (affiliate link). They just introduced a new $10/month plan that I haven't tried yet, if budget is a problem.

I also find Web Hosting Talk forums to be extremely helpful in researching a good host to pick:


I would definitely switch from iPower if I didn't have a virtual server through them with 25+ sites on it.

One of our email accounts was hacked and sent thousands of emails to google, who blocked any email address coming from our server after that. IPower's best (and only) suggestion was to get a new server and transfer everything over.

I can't imagine the amount of work it would take to transfer all the files, databases, email accounts and dns settings...and at that point I'd rather take my sites elsewhere.

I've been using them for 4 years and their customer service is getting a little better in some aspects and worse in others. They wanted to charge me an extra $3/mo. (on top of the $80 for my VPS) to allow me to manage private nameservers, but eventually gave it to me for free after I threatened to find another provider that wasn't so nickle-and-dimey.


@glorioski: I don't understand your suggestion that I "started using newer scripts by default" when I switched to GoDaddy. I uploaded my asp scripts to iPower and within a couple days I would get reports from users that their anti-virus programs were blocking access to my site due to an imbedded threat. I would go look at my scripts and there would be an imbedded redirect at the end of them. I would remove them and a few days later they would reappear. iPower claimed I was uploading them that way. However, I would then edit the scripts directly from their control panel to remove the infection. I contacted the person reporting it and they would try again it would work fine, so infection removed successfully. Then a few days later someone else would report the issue and once again, there was the added code on the end of my scripts. When switching to GoDaddy, I uploaded the EXACT SAME scripts that I was using on iPower and have not experienced a problem since.


@drschank: I experienced the exact same problems with 1and1.


@glorioski: Why are people giving you negative reviews? Ive worked for both GoDaddy and IPower (as phone support). I was allowed to do more to help at IPower, but GoDaddy had a better uptime. I just said (profanity) it and am now hosting off of a MacMini because its easier to get support from mac lol.

I just dont understand the neg's your getting.


I've used iPower before.. .and dear LORD, there aren't enough negatives to give this company. They are hosting, that is for sure, they certainly allow you to upload your files to a public_html folder. Are those files able to be seen? Did you even have access to cpanel to do so? Did the FTP currently work? Well that is all a guessing game depending on what day of the week it is.

Stay far, far away. There are far better companies, site5 is great, for example. iPower? Avoid.. avoid with all your virtual might!

And marshalcurrier, you aren't sure why? Just type in ipower reviews, and hope they didn't hire that rep-fixer company to leave a bunch of fake reviews.


Been with iPower for years and never had any problems but I have only simple websites. Like the service, love the price.