dealsthat daily deal - electric bug zappers for $5.99


Entertainment at its finest!


I saw these at Harbor Freight last week for $2.99


Just an FYI that these hold a residual charge for a few moments after use, so don't stick your finger on the zapper part afterward.

Um. Just saying.

Not that I know this by experience or anything.

Because I don't.

Okay, I do.


@hilogirl65: is correct, there's a coupon in my latest Harbor Freight mailer, not a two pack though, you can usually find them at the door or here's the coupon code if you want to order online: 83858743

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These things are awesome - they work AND are entertaining. However, also potentially dangerous so maybe not for little kids. We bring them to the beach house every year we go - perfect for green heads!


I wouldn't camp without one anymore. I've zapped about about everything there is to zap. Big bugs may require a foot after tasing. Easiest prey-the bugs that fly around light sources at night. the hardest were the northern deer flies till I realized you just hold this thing next to your head till they fly right into into it. They circle


When in India on business, we ask our daily cab driver to get us some bug zappers because he would sleep in the car with the windows down and countless mosquitoes would inhabit the interior. He showed up with two of these and we went to town. Best cab ride of my life.


@everwondering: the residual charge lasts a lot longer than a moment. in fact if you press the button but dont actually zap anything, i suggest using your car/house keys to short out what charge is left. its uses caps to make such a big zap (it zaps pretty least the one i got in my Boc does) from just two AA batteries, thats why it has residual zap after pressing the button


@faaaaq: Yeah it definitely lasts a while. On mine, after you let go of the button you can hear a "peeeew" as it powers down. Additional awesomeness factor, but a fairly good warning. If it's still humming, definitely do not touch