deals$519 cancun all-inclusive w/air* - 55% off


Why do these always get down votes, are they really bad deals?


@molyman2: Some people have had problems, but mainly it is in fashion to vote down TravelZoo.


@molyman2: What ends up happening, is you can only get the special price on VERY limited times and they usually don't specify what those dates are. So, you have to hunt for them. It's not worth the trouble and it's a real pain.


@molyman2: Not to mention that the flight must originate out of Ft. Lauderdale in order to get that price, and goes up significantly if not.


When the first thing they want is your email address, I quit immediately.


I think we just have some vacation haters in here! lol! no, seriously, can we get some awesome deals that even I can use flying out of this Great City of Good Abode? I want to go to Cancun without having to pay double that "advertised" price


It's actually not that bad... $680 to leave from NYC and 5 night stay. Could be worse.


Don't know if this deal is legit or not but I paid a LOT more than this for my Cancun trip (~1200 including transportation, 6 nights at all-inclusive resort). Definitely worth investigating. Companies like StudentCity that pre-book everything charge about 1500