dealsmotorcycle nelson rigg ar-400 arctic 1 pieceā€¦


I had a Nelson-Rigg rain suit many years ago, nice suit. Mine was non-insulated, but everything inside the suit stayed dry on the worst trips.

At least it did, until I ripped out the crotch. :-(

In for one, and one for my brother-in-law gets me free shipping!

Great find! Thanks.


Yeah I love the brand. They also made my motorcycle cover. Very high quality. Compared to my last one that just GOT RIPPED TO SHREDS IN WIND, much more happy with Nelson Rigg Cover. I also bought that at same place.

It is much thicker than my shredded one. Also it has many tie down hooks on it. Just go to site and hit "best deals".


@un4gvn1: I forgot to say that you also get 10% off your purchase if you take a picture of you and your stuff and write a happy customer review. Limit $50 per purchase.

They pay you with a coupon you can use on the site. I saved up $180 towards a Shoei helmet. Very cool place.