dealsarc led 700 lumen aluminum rechargeable combat…


OK then. I don't think I like flashlights as much as some people must.


Why when I can buy 126 .99 cent flashlights and still have 25 cents left over?


Why, when I got a 1600 lumen, w. 2 rechargeable batteries? Works great, tough as nails, and < $20!


Why, when I bought a 1600 lumen Cree for < $20? Came w. 2 rechargeable batteries. Tough as nails, every bit as good as my old 5 cell cop light.


All bells and whistles aside, I'd like to see if any of these lights can handle being dropped on a hard surface. I've enjoyed the longevity of my Mag 4 D cell led from a battery point of view. The drawback is having the led break loose from the threads. It happened to me once just having the light fall over on a granite counter. One other time dropped two feet on cement. With replacement bulbs I'm up to $60 spent on one light. A lifetime bulb guarantee might sway a couple professional flashlight destroyers like me. If I were a fireman or cop I wouldn't hesitate to own the best light I could find, not sure if this it though.


compared to what's available out there, this is WAY over priced. I sell CREE flashlights with batteries and charger for 1/4 this price. I've sold many to local law enforcement too (I have a family member there and I give him all the lights and batteries he needs). I just think there are much better options out there. There is absolutely nothing about this light that even remotely makes me want to purchase it at that price.


$5 shipping kills the deal...


I bought a similar flashlight for a friend last, although considerably cheaper (about $120 full price). The batteries leaked and ruined the flashlight. He threw it away before I could grab it back and return it. Don't think this would be a much better investment, except for the rechargeable thing.


What do people do with these super bright highly focused lights? I have a cheap "200 lumen" light and it's not good for much - it makes an intense beam about 12" in diameter 10 feet in front of me that is so eye searingly bright that I lose all night vision, and though there is spillover to the sides, the focused bright spot makes everything else look dim.

So it's not good for changing a flat tire in the dark, hiking, walking the dog at night, etc... So what is this use case for this kind of light?


@adrian1205: Does the lifetime warranty cover the rechargeable internal battery?


$124.99 Seriously? Is it the 1st day of the 4th month today? I'll stick with CREE, thank you.


Second seems same but different led (and make)...I'll let the led folks comment on the different led between the two since I'm too stupid to figure it out.

I usually look at what Fenix is offering up lately and their prices and features before I judge. As others have said, this seems a tad pricey for what it is, and big too, thought that may be a very good thing for its intended purpose (grab, blind, identify, beat).

Also, right or wrong, most in-place charging (as opposed to having to remove the batteries) typically are seen as an extra and adds to the final price more than you think.