dealspushlock 25 ft. power cord- craftsman-tools…


Their website is messed up. If you add it to your cart and then look in the cart, it shows the price being $30.59.


I called and was able to order at the price listed. Thanks!


The price in the cart shows up as $30.52, but when you go to check out, it goes back down to the $11.xx cost.

My frustration is that I want to get it shipped to the store by my house, but the only store it will allow me to ship it to is 25 miles away. I've done free shipping to my local store before....


@isu_phoria: Same problem here, I cancelled. They will ship free to your house if you spend $50.


Price is different on every screen, it dropped to $9.92 on one but then changed back to
Pre-Tax Total $11.99
Sales Tax $0.75
Total $12.74

This stayed constant on all the price and payment confirmation screens.
Note it included tax. I track my online purchases to pay state tax anyway. I'm glad it had in store pickup I needed one.

On the order history is says I paid $13.32. Paypal confirmed the $12.74 (I figured I could return it in-store if they jacked the price). They really need to fix that, and I got a survey to let them know.


Not only not available, but my order was confirmed, then cancelled.
Item is still showing up on the website, and they would not give me a rain check.
3rd time Sears has pulled this bait - and - switch with me.